Repayment Information

Invest Credit has developed a simple and convenient system for you to repay your loan. Payments are made monthly, as determined in the loan contract, and you may choose the most convenient method of repayment for you:

At the Invest-Credit Office:

You may make payments on your loan in person by visiting the Invest Credit office with your cash payment. You simply need to identify yourself and your loan contract number, and our cashier will handle the transaction and print you a receipt. It is also possible for you to send a representative to make payments on your behalf, as long as they present identification and your loan contract number. Directions to the office.

At the Bank:

You may also make payments at any branch location of either Banca de Economii or Victoria Bank. You do not need to have an account with either bank to repay your loan. You simply must identify yourself with your name and loan contract number, and indicate that you want to deposit money into the Invest-Credit account (this may also be done by someone other than you as long as the representative provides the loan contract number and your name). After the deposit, the bank will issue you a receipt for your repayment.

If the you have an account open at any Banca de Economii or Victoria Bank, or if the payment is made by a legal entity, you may (but companies must) transfer money directly from your account into the Invest Credit account.

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