Application Requirements

Please consult this page for general requirements for the loan application. Each loan product has a its own list of requirements for the application, so please see the Loan Product descriptions for a complete list.


The following documents must be submitted with the application:
  1. ID card of the applicant, ID card of husband/wife, and ID card of co-signers.
  2. Rent contract (if applicable)
  3. Work liscense (if applicable)
  4. Company Registration Certificate (copy)
  5. Extract from the Register of the State (copy)
  6. Status (we will ensure that under provisions the applicant is entitled to sign for the business)
  7. Approval from shareholders for the applicant to apply for credit

In addition, the loan officer may request additional documents, depending on the type of business or loan product.


Most loans also require two co-signers. These are individuals who are willingly held accountable for the loan should the client be unable to repay it.

It is important that at least 2 of the 3 signers (that is, the client and two co-signers) have a permanent residence (house, apartment, room in home ownership); only 1 of them may be renting or not have a permanent place to live. In addition, the co-signers must have a fixed place of work in Moldova, or must have been employed during the last six months. This does not include those citizens permanently working abroad.

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